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US History

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As of 11/27/2010, we have 15 class days until semester tests.  Tentatively, the U.S. History semester exam is scheduled for the first day December 20th test number three.


On August 24th, we took a pre test over U.S. History.  The questions came from a variety of sources and materials ranging from tests given in other states to determine graduation, the U.S. citizenship test, what colleges expect incoming freshman to know about U.S. history and more.  We took the test so we can see what we already know, don't know, don't quite understand, to let the students know what we will be covering this year, and to see how much more they know at the end of the year then they knew at the beginning.  They will see these questions again on quizzes, chapter tests, and more than likely both semester tests. 


Learning Guides, notes, graphic organizers



Unit 2 Rift and Reunion

This unit covers the economic, geographic, political, and societal growth of the United States.  We see the geographic, societal, and economic differences between the regions in the U.S. lead to growing conflicts that will eventually tear the U.S. apart.  It also covers difficulties faced by this country as it attempts to reunify and reconstruct itself after the Civil War.


Ch 5 The Expanding Nation

Learning Guide          Fishbone Section 1 Notes

Notes  Sect1         Sect 2             Sect 3


Ch 6 Civil War and Reconstruction

Learning Guide      Sect 1  

Sect 2                    Sect 3          Nullification


Ch 7 New Frontiers

Learning Guide    Ch 7 sect notes.doc Ch 7 Section 1?'s 196.doc

Ch7Sect 3 guided notes.doc chapter 7 sect 1


Unit 3 Roots of a Modern Nation 1880-1920

In this Unit, the U.S. becomes an industrial power house, expands geographically as big as it's going to get, and attempts to deal with a rapidly, drastically changing nation.


Ch 8 Progressive Reforms

Ch 8 Study Guide               Ch 8 Notes


Semester Test Reviews

Semester 1 Review

Semester 2 Review      


Here are some pages that may worth checking out:




U.S. Citizen Ship Test








Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Upcoming

11/29 P 194-201 Moving West (Farmers, Ranchers, Miners) Transcontinental Rail Road, and 2nd Great Removal

11/30 Rise of Industrialism page 204-210 Reasons for Industrialization, Impact on National Markets, Growth of Big Business, Gilded Age
12/1 Populism and Protest 212-214 Problems of Farmers, The Wizard of Oz as a parable of Populism,
12/2  Locust Plague, School Children's Blizzard of 1888, 215-217 Labor Unions begin 12/3 Reaching for Empire pages 218-223 Monroe Doctrine, Worldwide ambitions, War With Spain,

Ch 7 Book questions p 211 ?'s 1-5, p 224 critical thinking ?'s 2-4, p 225 geo and history 1-5

12/6 Finish up chapter, review, test on Tuesday next week 12/7 Chapter 7 test
12/8 Facing a New World Order p 232-239 Problems of Urbanization and Industrialization
12/9 Progressives begin 242-248

12/10 Political, Economic, Social/moral Reform p 250-257


Ch 8 Book ?'s 249 1-5 practicing the skill, p 261 1-5, p 262 critical thinking 1-5, p 263 geo and history 1-5

12/13 finish up chapter

12/14 review for chapter 8 test
12/15 chapter 8 test

12/16 review for semester tests

12/17 review for semester tests


12/20 U.S. Semester Test #3 12:05-1:35



11/1 tech assessment




Ch 6 book questions page 181 1-5 practicing the skill p 192-193 critical thinking 1-5, p 193 Geo and History 1-5  November 30th

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